protect my love mod apk-Hack My Love

protect my love mod apk-Hack My Love

Version: 2.1.12

adout protect my love mod apk-Hack My Love

Version 2.1.12

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When passion overtakes reason and there’s nowhere left to run… What will you do?!

Sickly from a young age, you’ve been alone for most of your life... Until one night, a mysterious dating sim appears on your phone offering you the chance of a lifetime… To virtually date one of your beautiful classmates!

But as you lose yourself in this virtual world, the decisions you make begin to have real and lasting consequences.

Will you end up with the girl of your dreams, or in a nightmare from which you can never wake…



Stunningly beautiful, Hamasaki is admired by everyone. With exceptional grades and a heart-melting smile, she is the embodiment of the perfect student.

After a chance encounter brings the two of you closer together, it doesn’t take long for you to realize that she’s not quite the angel everyone thinks she is. Perhaps getting involved with her isn’t such a great idea after all…


A lively and energetic girl who tries her best to fit in. Easily influenced and eager to please, Megumi is used to putting her own desires second.
With bad grades and a carefree image, it’s easy to dismiss her as a delinquent, but behind that smile lies something much darker…


A quiet girl who tends to prefer the company of books over other students. With an arrogant demeanor that drives her classmates away, she’s alone, just like you.

Thanks to your mysterious dating app, you have a chance to get to know the real Reika… But at what cost?——Uploaded by the user

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protect my love mod apk Hack My Love

  • Version:2.1.12 _ Size:93.0MB
  • Category:Role Playing _ Publisher:Genius Studio Japan Inc.
  • Requirements:Android 5.0+ _ Publish Date:17/07/2021
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